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Amazing Needle Threader!

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Sometimes you come across a product that changes your life and this was the one for me! If you have trouble threading needles, then this super little needle threader is for you! No more fiddly, frustrating wasted minutes trying to thread your needle!

It has two "threading ends" for cover different thicknesses of threads, thicker on the right hand side, thinner threads on the left.  Slide out of the protective case and slot into the top of the box.

Place your needle eye down in one of the ends.  Lay the thread in a gulley next to the needle and slide the button across. Believe it or not, the thread pops through the needle eye in a twinkle of your own eye! - pure magic.

For the best demonstration on how it works take a look at this quick video!

You will receive one needle threader in a case.

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