Vanishing Worlds with Angie Hughes - Sunday 5th July 2020
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Vanishing Worlds with Angie Hughes - Sunday 5th July 2020

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Sunday 5th July 2020 10am - 4pm

Vanishing Worlds!

This is a workshop on experimental textiles using natural materials such as bark, leaves and moss as inspiration.  Students will learn how to use transfer paints on synthetic fabrics, experiment with dissolvable and soluble materials & study mixed media techniques.  All of these will be used alongside machine & hand embroidery to create pieces of embroidery as heavily textured as we can make it.

Always lots of fun and exciting new techniques on Angie's workshops, we look forward to welcoming her back to Needle & Thread!

All Materials, Equipment and delicious lunch and cake included.  Limited places so do book early!

About Angie……
Angie is a textile artist and tutor, who lives and works in Ledbury, Herefordshire. She has been interested in textiles since she left school although only discovered creative embroidery in 1994 when she began studying City & Guilds at Malvern Hills College.

Her artwork is inspired by many themes but particularly poetry or text and the natural world, particularly plant forms. 

Angie has recently enjoyed developing work that focuses on gardens that were once tamed but struggle and often succeed in becoming wild. She enjoys the juxtaposition of randomly ‘placed’ plants alongside the order the gardener tries to contain. Imagining these gardens in shadowy moonlit illumination, her colours have become almost monochromatic, silvers and blacks and those hard to name colours when light has faded. From drawings and photography Angie has developed her visual ideas through embroidery inventing simplified botanical forms. This recent work has seen her explore discharged and painted velvets, use heat transferred foils and layered organza which becomes intensely machine embroidered.

She teaches to Guilds and groups all over the country, and has been teaching in Australia and New Zealand. She has written a book called ‘Stitch Cloth Paper and Paint’ a current best seller for Search Press.

Her work has featured in many publications including Embroidery, Stitch magazine, Cloth Paper Scissors, Quilting Arts, Hot Textiles by Kim Thitichai and The Encyclopedia of Embroidery by Val Holmes and many more.

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